The Election Technology Trust
The Election Technology Trust
A different way to design, build, and purchase election technology.

A new way to build, scale, and share election technology.

The Election Technology Trust (ETT) is an ambitious, long-term effort by leading election administrators to modernize the development and procurement of U.S. election technology. 

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About the Election Technology Trust

The Election Technology Trust (ETT) is a nonpartisan civic technology trust dedicated to modernizing the development and procurement of election technology. The ETT harnesses the collective power of many jurisdictions to provide better technology at a better price, while also promoting innovative solutions and best practices nationwide.

Our vision

We envision a robust democracy powered by reliable, cost-effective, and secure publicly owned election systems. 

How it works

The ETT provides state and local election administrators with a platform of tools, including:

  • Engineering resources to maintain and upgrade the tools over time,

  • Documentation and training necessary to deploy the tools in new places, and

  • Support for jurisdictions who use the tools.

The ETT also provides resources and training to help election administrators improve their procurement processes, including opportunities for collective procurement, information about common business requirements for various tools, etc.


What's next?

Over time, the ETT will evolve to fit the needs of the election administration community, including the following:

Becoming an information conduit about what low-cost public solutions are already available for interested election administrators.

Creating a home for collaborative election software to ensure that it is held in the public trust for perpetuity, that appropriate software licenses are maintained, and that iterations to code are properly documented.

Organizing interest groups of election administrators whose needs overlap, to collaborate on funding, building, deploying, or requesting proposals for new technology.

Creating new software solutions when the market is failing to meet demand or prohibitively expensive.

Helping to develop and promote open data standards and the common data format.

Providing resources and assistance on how to design open source, agile, and/or multi-jurisdictional RFPs for new technology.

Helping jurisdictions modify or augment existing open source software to meet the needs of their jurisdiction, whether that is through advising them on vendors, or by providing direct consulting and technical services.

Educating government stakeholders on the necessary regulatory changes required for deploying or funding collaborative technology.


Bringing new sources of funding into the space; matchmaking funders with projects.

Nurturing an ecosystem of public election technology developers.


Join us.

Working together, we can share both the cost and the benefits of an improved voting experience nationwide.

Want to learn more about the project or help shape the ETT first-hand? We want you on board! Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

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